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December 01, 2019
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Terms & Conditions
1. is an online advertising platform with cash back option from our AdPacks. sells advertisements with cash back option to its members as an incentive from our AdPack plans.

2. is not a Ponzi - Hyip - Pyramid Scheme or illegal. is an advertising platform and it gives real traffic with cash back option on your purchases. A ponzi scheme is: simply a system that pays members by income generated from new members. We share the revenues from purchases of the site.

3. Payment methods accepted at We accept PerfectMoney and Payeer for all products.
We accept also some Crypto Currencies (BitCoin - LiteCoin – Ethereum) but only for non cash back products.

4. Minimum withdrawal is $5 and maximum $300/week for long term and future sustainability

5. Withdrawal requests will be processed and disbursed within 24 hours if there are enough reserves to complete the withdrawal request. The process may take longer than specified if no reserves are available and will be completed as soon as possible (FIFO principle).

6. Minimum amount to add funds is $2.

7. Refund policy.
All purchases are Non-Refundable
We can not refund because of the nature of our products: Sell and share instant.
We sell digital products only.
Commissions/Cashbacks are paid instantly by our system and that can not be undone.

8. Our AdPacks
AdPack Plan 1: $5 matures at 110%, Max/day: 1%
AdPack Plan 2 : $10 matures at 111%, Max/day: 1,04%
AdPack Plan 3 : $25 matures at 113%, Max/day: 1.09%
AdPack Plan 4 : $50 matures at 115%, Max/day: 1.15%
AdPack Plan 5 : $75 matures at 118%, Max/day: 1.2%
AdPack Plan 6 : $100 matures at 120%, Max/day: 1.25%

9. Daily profits.
Daily profit is variable from 0.0% up to 1,25% and this depends on your AdPack plan and on the sales of the site. Earnings are distributed hourly

10. Maturity of AdPacks.
Daily % depends upon the revenue/profit generated through advertising sales made through It can 0 to 1.25% (based on daily profit). This information is for guidance only and there is no guarantee given for any earnings.

AdPack Plan 1 $5 : Will take 110 days to reach 110%
AdPack Plan 2 $10: Will take 107 days to reach 111%
AdPack Plan 3 $25: Will take 104 days to reach 113%
AdPack Plan 4 $50: Will take 100 days to reach 115%
AdPack Plan 5 $75: Will take 98 days to reach 118%
AdPack Plan 6 $100: Will take 96 days to reach 120%

11. Surf ads daily to get revenue share.
You must surf 10 ads daily to be included in the revenue split.

12. Referral commission.
We pay 8% referral commission in 3 levels.
Direct referrals: 5%
Second level: 2%
Third level: 1%

14- Reserves the right to update, modify, add or change the terms and conditions anytime without notice.

15- Terms of advertisement.
We do not accept types of these ads:
Gambling / Pornography / Betting site
Any site that includes discrimination in racial, religious, politically.
Any site that contains frame breakers or violates our terms.

16. Multi accounts.
Only one Account Is allowed per member. You are NOT ALLOWED to own more than one account per person Any member violating this rule will be suspended from using and his/her accounts, AdPacks, ads will be deleted permanently.

17- Personal data secured with
Any information in is secured by our system. Our site uses SSL and DDOS protection and runs on a dedicated server.

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  • Licensed
  • DDoS
  • Sustainable
  • 1h Earning